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Submit your demo

We’re always looking for new talent and are now accepting demo submissions through our site.

– Please listen to previous Lost Theory Records releases so you get the idea what we’re about
– We only accept finished demos, nothing that makes you say “I’m still working on it” and the likes.
– Filetype and resolution has to be 320kbps .mp3 or .wav files
– Include a short introduction, your full name, artist name, contact email  and a correct track title in the email.
– Please use services like Sendspace, Wetransfer or PREFERABLY DropBox to deliver the files.

As we receive a very high volume of material, we cannot guarantee a response to your submission.
However, if we like what we hear we will of course be in touch.
We sincerely regret to be unable to provide individual feedback about demo submissions.

Thanks for your interest!


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