D-WaUw – Satya promo mix

Or Moav A.K.A D-WaUw discovered the underground party scene of Israel in the late 90’s with the help of his beloved brother dj XLR8. It was love at first sight. In 2004, following years of heavy partying he began djing himself gradually covering pretty much every stage in Israel.
Since then, D-WaUw, has traveled the globe, performing in places including Australia, NYC, Germany, Italy, Greece, Hungary, Croatia to name just the immediate few… among the international open air festival one can name: Freq’s Of Nature, Lost Theory Festival, Ozora, Pakawala, Momento Domento, Groove Attack & Indigo Festival.
Constantly bearing a big smile on his face & an optimistic point of view, D-WaUw objective is to spread love through music and remind us all that there are no real boundaries… U can create your own reality and manifest yourself through endless & diverse dimensions.
His mote is vivid and simple: “Nothing is absolute! The only this absolute is change itself, so we might as well explore and celebrate it, fear nothing, believe in everything!!!”
Dimension WaUw is way more than just a Dj alias, it is a state of mind.
The place of NO mind, NO time nor space, the place that makes us all just go WaUw !!!!!!!!!


Agency: Lost Theory

Email: bookings@losttheoryrecords.com

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Nationality: Israel


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