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Gojja – The Lost Tapes EP

19 December 2016

Gojja – The Lost Tapes EP

In the proces of compiling Gojja‘s solid first album “Eggshell Marmalade” a few tracks didn’t make it to create the great story it finally became. Now, almost two years later he decided to share them with you all! Thanks for the great present!


Bonjourno Fellow space cadets.

I decided to share two GOJJA tracks who was originally made around 2010-2011 Intended for the GOJJA – Eggshell Marmalade album but i felt that they did not really fit the concept of the album, So they ended up forgotten on a hard drive up to today.

Both tracks are free to download

Artwork is made by Madeinrealtime with some additional tweaking by yours truly

Cheerio my friends and Bon appetite


We still have a few copies from the physical release “Gojja – Eggshell Marmalade” available for sale via this link! Be sure to grab yours before it’s to late!

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