Phobos Azazel – Organistic

Phobos Azazel – Organistic

Label: Lost Theory Records

Release date: Jan 6, 2012

Catalog number: LTRCD002

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> 01. Specular Reflection
Phobos Azazel
> 02. Drone Module
Phobos Azazel
> 03. Drop & Release
Phobos Azazel
> 04. A Billion Miles Away
Phobos Azazel
> 05. Magnetic Plazma
Phobos Azazel
> 06. Singularity Is Near
Phobos Azazel
> 07. Organistic
Phobos Azazel
> 08. Cosmic Pearls
Phobos Azazel
> 09. First Born

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Artist : Phobos Azazel
Title : Organistic
Mastered by Tim Schuldt
Artwork by MadeInRealtime
Format: Jewel Case

Lost Theory Records is proud to present the debut album of PHOBOS AZAZEL.
He’s no stranger in the international scene and has released numerous tracks on labels like Bhooteshwara, Manic Dragon, Tantrumm, Temple Twisters, Moon Koradji, Psylife Music and many more..

“Organistic” takes us through a brain twisting journey!
This album is showing us that he matured through the years into a very talented artist.


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