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Gojja – The Lost Tapes EP

19 December 2016

Gojja – The Lost Tapes EP

In the proces of compiling Gojja‘s solid first album “Eggshell Marmalade” a few tracks didn’t make it to create the great story it finally became. Now, almost two years later he decided to share them with you all! Thanks for the great present!


Bonjourno Fellow space cadets.

I decided to share two GOJJA tracks who was originally made around 2010-2011 Intended for the GOJJA – Eggshell Marmalade album but i felt that they did not really fit the concept of the album, So they ended up forgotten on a hard drive up to today.

Both tracks are free to download

Artwork is made by Madeinrealtime with some additional tweaking by yours truly

Cheerio my friends and Bon appetite


We still have a few copies from the physical release “Gojja – Eggshell Marmalade” available for sale via this link! Be sure to grab yours before it’s to late!

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Lost Theory Festival 2016 (Spain)

7 August 2016

Lost Theory Festival 2016 (Spain)

Be sure to regularly check the official website: and the facebook page for new updates and announcements. We hope to see you all in Spain this year!

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Space Safari

14 May 2016

Space Safari

This weekend we have the pleasure to present you the first Space Safari edition. A nice blend with some of the finest artist around.
For more information please visit:

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5 Years of Lost Theory Festival compilation – OUT NOW!

6 October 2015

5 Years of Lost Theory Festival compilation – OUT NOW!

To honour 5 incredible years of Lost Theory in Croatia we are releasing a triple cd, showcasing highlights of the finest psytrance the festival has had to offer. After being released at Lost Theory festival, the physical CD is now finally available through our official webshop amongst other funky memorabilia!

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Lost Theory on Bandcamp

15 March 2015

Dear music freaks,

as of today our complete discography is digitally available for download on Bandcamp.
For a donation of 9 euro, you will be able to download a compilation or album in one of several high quality audio formats.

And yes, you support labels by buying their music!

bandcamp logo

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Whrikk & Odr robbed in Sweden

3 August 2014

This is a copy/paste from a message of Whrikk.
If you have any helpful information please send a mail to or
Any useful tip will be rewarded by Lost Theory Records.

We thank you in advance!

So shit keeps getting better and better. After we decided to go see our best friend Harald play his Odr liveset at a private party near Stockholm we were passing by.

We mustered up all the energy to go there. After he picked us up at the entrance we soon discovered his wallet, phone and keys were stolen from his bags at the stage. Horror event one while the party hadn’t even really started yet.

Party went on like no nitrous had been wasted and after i did a renegade set which went great, Chris discovered that also our car had been selectively searched through for some more juicy steals. My pride and joy, the royal Nord wave, gone.. EVERYTHING Harald brought, taken… (laptop, soundcard, passport and all his shit basicly..)

I’m usually not the type to bitch about shit on facebook, but i wanted to put out this alert.

I’ll ask some people from Sweden individually to keep an eye out for a Nord Wave for sale on second hand sites. It has a dent on the I/O panel, some awesome stickers and hella freaky presets. I miss her.

Also my cd case with only the most awesome and obscure originals was also seeming to suit the robbers de-gifting plans. Beautifull.

Mostly happy that we get to take Harald da fuck outta there. He couldn’t have gotten home very soon without passport’n tickets. A sad state of affairs.

We are going to make it a sweet ass drive home though. Home, that place where we don’t have keys of anymore.

Sorry for this sad shit, happy messages about how hugely great and incredibly fun, smooth and ultracool the rest of this epic roadtrip has been, will follow.


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Announcement concerning weborders

16 July 2014

Dear friends,

As of today, till the 31st of July we won’t be able to send out orders from our webshop.
On the 1st of August everything will be back to normal and all the new orders made during this period will be shipped out directly.

Good news for the people attending to Lost Theory Festival. Our releases will be available at the festival including our latest release “Gojja – Eggshell Marmalade”.

For the ones who want to purchase the Gojja album online, please go to
The Sanatones will handle your order with the greatest care!

Our apologies for the inconvenience and thanks for your understanding!
We hope to see many of you @ Lost Theory Festival!

All the best

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Gojja – Eggshell Marmalade -> Out now!!

2 June 2014

Gojja – Eggshell Marmalade -> Out now!!

Hello folks,

Dinner is ready! Come and get your “Eggshell Marmalade” while it’s hot!
Only available via and

Bon appétit!

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