Will O’ Wisp

Will O’ Wisp


Will O’ Wisp is Gaston Mellino, also known as dj Pandemonix, another inhabitan of the land of Quilmas, deep in the south of the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

In 2003 he met psychedelic trance and found what he was looking for in music. Looking for more tracks he discovered projects like Alien Mental, Kindzadza and Highcosmos and the locals Megalopsy and Frantic Noise, setting his path along the way. After the first visit of Goa Gil, he decided to start spinning ‘dark’ psychedelic trance, and the year after he decided to start making music to explore more the cybernetic and mystical style so characteristic of his productions and dj sets.

With strong basslines, sharp percussions and audio destructions, Will O’ Wisp is an intense psychedelic experience always oriented to the dancefloor. Playing powerful tracks keeping his cybernetic edge he provides a psychedelic soundscape methodically designed for blowing his listener’s minds.

Currently he is working together with Glosolalia for a split and he is also working on tracks with Pandora’s Box, Frantic Noise and Megalopsy.


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